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We simplify import and export process keeping you informed about every step

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we have a solution for you from simple to complex shipping operations with temporary spare parts. You can operate better.


More than 30 years support our behavior which actively collaborate with its tranquility.

Customs Clearance Export Import

Customs Clearance Export Import

We take care of the entire process that supports importing or exporting, including tariff classification, the services of custody, the preparation of documentation to introduce at banks, management of permissions and other elements needed to the process carried out without complications and in time.

National and International logistics

National and International logistics

The essence of logistics is the freight, and this was the beginning of Aleph. Starting from the transport of goods by air, Aleph has expanded its focus to cover currently organized logistical network of air, sea, land, and multimodal transport from and to virtually any city in the world. Aleph develops a complete Freight Forwarding activity, through a worldwide network of agents associated.

Online Tracking of its Operations

Online Tracking of its Operations

Aleph include the monitoring of all operations from the Web. In a safe and accessible space 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can follow each operation notificandose of the movements of their offices since they are generated until reach destination.


Even when they don't know it, customers always want better. The goal of pleasing our customers leads us to constantly innovate, improve our services, optimize systems, shorten our delivery times, implement new services, even before our customers ask for it.

- Marquez, CEO at Aleph Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina
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