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Customs clearance of permanent and temporary import of goods.

Verificaci? de documentos de embarque.

Check of shipping documents.

Take check to the tax load enclosures.

Review the safety of the client and the representative of transport in cases of income in poor condition.

Involvement of other Agencies (A.N.M.A.T., I.N.A.L., SE.NA.SA, Flora and Fauna Silvestres, etc).

Comprehensive process to withdrawal to square of the merchandise or suspensive destination status.

Delivery in the desposit of the importer.


Customs clearance of permanent and temporary export of goods.

Control of documents inherent to each international sale.

Involvement of other Agencies (A.N.M.A.T., I.N.A.L., SE.NA.SA, Flora and Fauna Silvestres, etc).

Pending comprehensive until the end of the shipment.

Preparation and presentation of Bank documentation in accordance with current requirements.

Management of export's incentives (rebates, refunds).

Tariff classification

The analysis of the characteristics of each merchandise allows us to ascribe a correct coding for his office, the payment of import/export duties and the export incentives. Have a specialized staff that ensures the correct advice and guarantees the procedure at customs.

Temporary Imports

We advise: on how to reduce production costs in exportable products that use imported inputs.

We manage: documentation, previous procedures in the Secretariat of industry and commerce, INTI, regime of guarantees, extensions, returns or nationalization, force, etc.

We define: a better deal for its exportable product.

Temporary Exports

We carry out all the procedures relating to the operations prior and subsequent to shipment, according to the regulations in force. Shipping on character of sample with return, repairs of machines and equipment, exhibitions, etc.

Custody service

We provide the best services through leading companies, to ensure the arrival of your freight seamlessly.

Export processing zones

Advise on its suitability and handle its operations, with the aim of optimising purchases and split offices and avoid unnecessary expenditure.


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