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On-line and real-time tracking of its Foreign Trade Operations

Operate with greater transparency and reliability has always been our objective.

But this was not just an expression of desire, we have finalized incorporating the highest computer technology to our operations.

For monitoring and control of each shipment, used since 2010 a specialized operational management platform on which we have been actively involved in its development and implementation since its inception, as operating and customs advisors.

The system is called Management of Foreign Trade and Customs Clearance ( GeCE ), is our added value , and puts us ahead of our competitors in terms of operational efficiency and transparency.

This system uses the latest technology in safety and servers , is responsible for automatically get those key data to determine the progress of each operation , both either from Aleph specifically as those providers involved in the process (freight, storage, etc.).

GeCE concentrates the total information of each shipment in a single electronic work environment, with hosting on NUBE , and allows access 24/7 from any physical place and from any smart electronic device, all the information of each foreign trade transaction.

In addition GeCE takes control of the additional requirements of each operation, as certifications before government agencies , compliments of export shipments , on-line monitoring Import/Temporary Export , download and control until their release , and many aspect of customs operations.

This monitoring is carried out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through a platform that can be accessed from any device: computer , tablet or phone.

Forget the calls or emails to find out if his Customs clearance was processed. Aleph reports it online and at all times.


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