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Our Company

ALEPH Comercio Exterior S.R.L. launched commercial operations under the name ALEPH AIR CARGO S.R.L. carries out activities related to foreign trade in the Argentine market since 1978 activities.

ALEPH It was created to install on the market an innovative alternative , following the principles Uncompromising operational transparency , for that purpose, the most advanced information technology and management processes designed under ISO certifications.

We have a global vision of international transport , so we are responsible from receipt of the merchandise exporter plant until its delivery at the warehouse of the consignee.

We are a national company, dynamic and solvent, dedicated to foreign trade.

National and International logistics

The main objective of our company is to offer an efficient and dynamic service that comprehensively cover all aspects related to international trade, with such costs to enable our customers to achieve and maintain benefits competitive market.

  • To provide maximum transparency to all our operations
  • To provide our customers the tools needed to make a complete and permanent control of our management
  • Make our utmost dedication and experience to fulfill the terms and objectives of our clients in the area of foreign trade

Customs Clearance Export Import
Work team

Integrated in a homogeneous working group , we provide a full service logistics for goods , advice on regulations exchange and customs , and adequate and timely cost analysis for convenient international freight recruitment.

A solid staff of professionals with extensive experience in the field and with a modern and versatile methodology work, make us the ideal for advice and implementation of solutions in international trade alternative that your company needs.

National and International logistics
Our Mission
In foreign trade and international logistics, our mission is to go beyond simplymeet the Customer's needs. Our goal is to produce innovative and creative logistics plans based on reliable structures and systems that overcome with the current needs of our customers and anticipate their future requirements.
Our Principles
INTEGRITY: Uncompromising integrity in our inter - personal relationships with our customers. Integrity also it means transparency in all our processes and activities, both related to our business operations as customs.
KNOWLEDGE: Nothing can replace the previous preparation, and total dedication to deepen our wisdom and knowledge of our tasks.
RESPONSABILITY: Our personal responsibility cannot be transferred to others, be aware that we are responsible for what we do and what we do.
TEAM WORK: Understand that you only get to the success with the effort of all. It is to recognize the fundamental need to respect and value the skills and expertise of others, that they help us to achieve our common objectives.
DISCIPLINE: Essentially , respect to be respected . Develop both the ability to lead as follow and support the leader , knowing that we must first master our person, as a first step to fully master our task and lead others.
CONFIDENCE: Believe in us and our coworkers.

Aleph Comercio Exterior | Peru 590 Piso 14 C - (C1068AAB) Ciudad de Buenos Aires - Buenos Aires - Argentina | +5411.5218.4227

We are a national company, dynamic and solvent, dedicated to foreign trade.
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Buenos Aires, Argentina
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