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National and International logistics

The essence of logistics is the freight, and this was the beginning of Aleph.

Starting from the transport of goods by air, Aleph has expanded its focus to cover currently networks organized logistics of air, maritime, land, and multimodal transport to and from virtually any city in the world.

Aleph develops a complete Freight Forwarding activity, through a worldwide network of partners.

Our main agent abroad is Team Worldwide, of American origin with international logistics company more than 35 years of operation in the European markets and the United States.

Team WW has warehouses and offices in 36 cities in North America and 34 cities in the rest of the world. Our joint operation agreement allows the management of shipments from every corner of the planet, and ensures access to the most Advanced Technology concerning the international transport of goods.


Peru 590 Piso 14 C

(C1068AAB) Ciudad de Buenos Aires



Tel. +5411.5218.4227


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Aleph Comercio Exterior | Peru 590 Piso 14 C - (C1068AAB) Ciudad de Buenos Aires - Buenos Aires - Argentina | +5411.5218.4227

We are a national company, dynamic and solvent, dedicated to foreign trade.
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